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The Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc (CSME) is a recognized 501c3 organization for people primarily interested in preserving and educating others in the important part railroads contributed to the US history through examples in large scale model railroading. During visits, organized civic groups are shown how railroads work, the equipment involved in railroading and the part railroads play in the U.S. economy and history.

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The railroad operates on Central time
The original club organized in 1998 as the Chattanooga Live Steamers with the intention of being involved with all aspects of live steam scale modeling, including stationary engines, boats and railroads in the Chattanooga, TN area. The railroad envisioned would be designed to accommodate public riders. A detailed account of the early history reveals a slightly different outcome.

While the club does not have its own property, it is assisting in building the Eagle Point Railroad (EPRR), a 7 ½ inch gauge (1/8th scale) railroad on private property in Dunlap TN, about 50 miles northwest of Chattanooga, TN. In exchange, the club has full use of the railroad for it's education activities and members use.

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Depot Educational Center

1,500 square foot visitor's center/clubhouse for educational presentations, meetings and meals
Club Member's Carbarn

Two level, 27 track train storage for members

  • Car barn usage guidelines
  • Club Member's Roundhouse

    A 14 bay facility for live steamers storage and firing by members
    Visiting the Railroad
    The railroad is privately owned and the club itself is a guest of the owners, so non-member visits are very limited. It is not open to the public. We don't allow drop-in visits, so all non-member visits must be scheduled in advance. Please use one of the links below. We do welcome visit requests from others in the hobby, persons interested in joining and participating in the organization and organized civic groups such as Scouts.

    Anyone who does visit the railroad must complete and sign a WAIVER upon arrival, which allows them to be on the property and ride trains. If anyone under 18 is coming without a parent or legal guardian, the waiver must be signed in advance and brought with the youth.

    Please PRINT and share Safety Guidelines with children before coming.

    Visit requests from live steam railroaders | Visit requests from persons interested in joining | Members bringing guests | Group visit requests

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    Membership in the club is the best way to enjoy the activities of the organization and keep informed through the monthly newsletter on activities and progress.

    There are five memberships available:

  • Regular Full Membership ($80)
  • Associate Membership ($50)
  • Spouse Membership ($15)
  • Child ($5 each under 18 and living at home)
  • Family Membership ($110 for 3 or more children)
  • There are no participation requirements.
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