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Jackson Loop with tunnel, trestle and drawbridge.
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EPRR History
The first actual track lying began June 2000. The 695' loop around the shop was completed one year later with a dedication marking the achievement being held July 14, 2001. Over 14,000' of track were laid during the following seven years along with over 25 bridges and tall trestles, plus a tunnel.
The building of the EPRR is covered in detail in the continuing history section covering individual years in photos. Each year includes a track plan of the progress by the end of that year to give you an idea of the rate of growth.

2006 Dedication

2006 Award Winning Photo at DLS
by Larry Taylor
Welcome Aboard, Enjoy Your Visit
The Eagle Point Railroad (EPRR) is a privately owned hobby railroad and is not open to the general public.
Live steam railroaders wishing to visit are welcome and should make contact through the Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc. (CSME) to arrange a visit.
The EPRR is a 7½" gauge railroad with over 14,000 feet of track covering close to 35 acres of heavily wooded hillsides near the edge of the Cumberland Plateau above Dunlap, TN. The track plan is updated often and contains much of the history and details about the railroad.
The Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc. is a separate organization from the EPRR; however, it has its base of operations located at the EPRR and provides the railroad with much of the manpower to build and maintain the railroad and facilities. Organized group visit requests are made through contacting CSME representatives.

Kimball Trestle reflected in Mill Pond
Articles Published on EPRR
In Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading:
Mar-Apr 2004 - Crossing Stillhouse Creek
Mar-Apr 2005 - There And Back, A Railroad Tale
Sep-Oct 2006 - Two More Trestles on the Mountain, Part One
Nov-Dec 2006 - Two More Trestles on the Mountain, Part Two
Nov-Dec 2007 - Six Years, 12,000, Part One
Jan-Feb 2008 - Six Years, 12,000, Part Two
May-Jun 2008 - Tunnel Below Eagle Rock
Nov-Dec 2010 - Working Roundhouse
Jan-Feb 2012 - The Drawbridge
In Live Steam Railroading:
2009 1st Quarter - The Eagle Point Experience: A Grand Railroad in 1:8 Scale

Future Articles in the Works:
Mountain Branch Railroading
A Grand Finish
We operate on Central Time:
Dunlap, Tennessee weather forecast
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The EPRR operates as a single track, bi-directional, signal controlled, mountain railroad operation on 2% grades with 60' minimum radius curves on the mainline.
Visiting engineers wishing to operate alone will need to complete an Engineers Operating Guidelines Quiz. Live steamers require a current valid boiler inspection and all equipment must have safety chains, wires or drawbars. Spark arrestors required for wood and coal burners.

Arched truss span over Stillhouse creek at Monteagle

250' long Kimball trestle and junction crossing Millpond

Monteagle rock trestle
Photo by Andy Morrison