October 14-15-16, 2011 at
Eagle Point Railroad
Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc.
Annual Fall Run Photos

Marti Newlon, Event Coordinator

104 members and visitors attended the 2011 annual Fall Run held by CSME at the Eagle Point track.

Over 6000 photos were taken over several days; some shown below.

Several first-time visitors with trains and nine new members joined the CSME club.

On Saturday, three events were held: Run Away Car, Smooth and Steady and Yard Switching. There was also an all day White Elephant Raffle of items donated with all proceeds going to pay down the remaining debt on the Educational Center.

Contest: Winners: Prize:
Run-Away Car (Saddleback to Cumberland)
Video from car (from Matt Cole)
Greg Buchanan Plum Cove Trucks
Smooth and Steady (at Allen ) Madee King $50 Gift Cert from Miracle Graphics
Yard Switching (at Cumberland ) Team:
Francis Brostrom
Madee King
Todd Hetrick
Apple Tarts

Photos from Francis Brostrom [link to another page]

Photos from George Stoudenmire

Photos from Dave Mattox

Madee King
winner in two contests.

Photos from Dan Davis


Photos from Rick Henderson

Photos from TreeCam 1


Photos from TreeCam 2


Photos from Cam #3