Carbarn Guidelines
Updated May 2010 from original 2004 carbarn rules
Manager Jeff Gammons and co-manager Howard Warren
  1. The Carbarn is solely for the use of regular CSME Members on an annual basis, no short term storage; no visitor storage. There is no sub-letting or loaning of storage space.
  2. All track is reserved for Members' useable cars and engines. It is not a work area for long term repair and building of equipment or a storage space for materials and spare parts. If you have a piece requiring a moderate amount of work, take it home to repair.
  3. All doors have top/bottom closures. Make sure doors are secured when open by dropping the bottom closures. Exercise care when clearing the door with your or other members' equipment. Members need to be extra careful when moving someone else's equipment in order to get their equipment out or return it to its original spot. The Member is responsible for any damage done to another member's equipment.
  4. All engines will be stored on the ground level. Notable exception will be the small, light-weight, battery-powered locomotives and Railbus. Cars may be moved to the second level rack at the discretion of the Carbarn Manager. Instructions for moving locomotives must be left with locomotive. No trains may be stored in unmovable condition.
  5. Steam engines returning to the Carbarn must have their fires extinguished, ashes dumped and be cooled down prior to entering Carbarn for storage.
  6. The Carbarn Manager has the final authority in re-locating all equipment based on frequency of usage and efficient storage space allocation. Relocation will be most necessary when the Carbarn is nearing 100% occupancy. An attempt will be made to keep a member's equipment together when practical.
  7. Nothing should be hung from the ceiling except electrical drop cords.
  8. For good fire safety, all aisles must be kept clear with no extension cords crossing aisle floor, trash should be removed, smoking is not permitted and no flammable liquids should be kept in the Carbarn except for the gasoline in an engine.
  9. The high level shelves in the Carbarn are for storage of members' train items such as removable seats and Club materials and not members projects or spare materials unless approved. Check with the Carbarn Manager.
  10. If you're the last member leaving the Carbarn, check that all train doors are secured, turn off the lights and lock the North service door.