Suppliers and Publications

Scale Railroad Resource Page
Live Steam Priest
Live steam resource page
Over 5,000 railroad links

A listing of over 600 railroads worldwide
1" Scale Railroad Supply
Nelson Gray die-cast kits and components
The 7+ Railroader
Quarterly publication for riding scale
Accucraft Ride On Trains
Partner with Maxitrak UK
4¾" and 7½" gauge trains
Bryte Rails
Caboose markers, locomotive markers and switch lamps
Cannonball Ltd
1½" scale parts for locomotive and cars
David Moore's Live Steam
Small selection of unmachined casting kits
e-Zee (Little) Steam Engines
Free plans and images of simple steam engines
Flashers R Us
Assorted train lights and grade crossings
Grand Scales Quarterly Magazine
Scale railroads 12" gauge and larger
J & S Railcar
Railroad cars
Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading Magazine
From Village Press Publishing
Manufactures custom tenders/kits, gas burners, silicon bronze lost wax castings
and live steam locomotive valves and accessories in 1-1/2”, 2-1/2” and 3-3/4” scale.
Locomotive Works and Little Engines
Oldest and largest supplier of scale steam locomotives in the United States
Custom tenders, burners, and live steam locomotive accessories in 1½", 2½" and 3¾” scale
Miracle Railroad Products
Graphics and decals for the large scale train modeler
Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works
Custom building and restoring light railway equipment
Midwest Train Works
Quality 1" scale freight car kits
Titan Trains
1½" scale railroad cars and accessories
The Passenger Car Company
1.6 scale streamlined railroad passenger cars
Plum Cove Studios
Car kits and trucks
Precision Steel Car
1/8 scale train car kits and accessories
The Train Works
Large scale diesel locomotives
Fairmont speeder and parts
Real Trains
Real trains, you can ride on
Roll Models Inc. Rail Works (RMI)
Broad range of equipment
Scale Products Company
Working scale signals
Tom Bee
Couplers, trucks, freight cars, and parts for the 1½" scale railroader