Safety Chain Policy
Required to Run on the EPRR
All trains operating on the Eagle Point Railroad will have a safety chain, wire or drawbar between each piece of equipment before a train is moved under locomotive power. Non-operating couplers also require safety chains.
The CSME safety chain standard follows the IBLS standards and is based on a simple connecting, double chain system.
Chains of 1/4 or 5/16 size and 9" long are used with 5/16 eyebolts. 1" to 1½" links are acceptable. Facing the end of a car, the 9" chain is permanently attached to the right eyebolt. The left eyebolt is opened towards the coupler to allow the end of a chain to slip on. When a car in not coupled to another car, the safety chain is draped over the coupler and attached to the left eyebolt.
Eyebolts ideally should be located 5" to 6" apart and no lower than the centerline of the coupler. The exact location is not critical as long as it can connect to the next car with a 9" chain without using a quick-link and the chain does not drag when not in use. Some cars may require additional under-frame bracing.