Railroad Structures
Most structure models on the EPRR are built to approximately 1:8th scale; however adjustments are made to also accommodate the fact that 1:1 scale people ride the 1:8 scale trains.
Some industrial structures are very large however, most are modeled to simply represent an industry location for the railroad to service. Several of the industries along the railroad produce products consumed by other industries also on the railroad, so during card order operations there is more purpose in car movements, such as moving a grain hopper to a silo to be filled with barley and then moving it to the brewery to be unloaded.
Trestles and bridges are as much a part of railroad structures as are line-side shacks. Safety concerns however prevent building these to 1:8 scale where you usually provide walk-boards for people in the event of an emergency and the need to support thousands of pounds of trains elevated several feet off the ground.

Jackson Trestle on the Tracy City branchline

Monteagle Brewery complex on the Tracy City branch

Kimball Junction, Wye and Trestle near Millpond

Sandhouse at Eagle Point
(old WT in background)

Working Water Tower

Trestle #2 at MP .7

Trestle #3 at MP .3

Speeder Shed
Used as fuel storage

Lineside Shanty
Used to house battery for signals

Bi-Level Industry at Eagle Point

Elevated Steaming Wye at Eagle Point

EP Water Tower as rebuilt in 2009

Upper Stillhouse Trestle

Lower Stillhouse Trestle

Large Warehouse
moving to industrial siding

Transfer Crane
Located at Allen

Crowder Creek Bridge

Monteagle Wye

Pavilion and water tower at Saddleback

Grain Company at Whitwell

Eagle Tunnel Interior
West end door

Falcon Gap Scenic View

Warehouse at Allen

Hercules Recycling

Jackson Loop Drawbridge

Choctaw Mine

Tennessee Car Co.
(storage for 28 cars)

Simplex Company
at Promontory

Morrison Junction Tower

Boberg Storage
(train storage and shop)

Malone Locomotive Works
(train storage)

REA Freight Depot at Eagle Point
Plans Available

Dog Town Mine

Switch Tower
at Fredonia Junction

Logging camp and loader
(Sets up different locations)

Tower for P. J. Bridge

Switch Tower
Moose Ridge Junction

Rocky Top viewing pavilion
Coming in 2012

Artic Ice

Scale model of club Depot

Central Coast Repair Shop
Water Towers Marking Locations
Allen Cumberland Eagle Point Fredonia Pikeville Sequatchie Tracy City