The railroad is spread out over 35 plus acres along the upper edge of the Cumberland Plateau. It is a signal controlled, single track railroad with bi-directional operation and follows the terrain of the hillsides.
  • Track gauge is 7½" with curves laid at 75/8" to accommodate long wheelbase equipment
  • Minimum radius is 60' on mainline and 50' in industrial areas and the mountain branch
  • Maximum grade is 2% on mainline, 3% in industrial areas and the mountain branch
  • Minimum clearance width is 19" from centerline of track
  • Minimum overhead clearance height is 60"
  • Shortest passing siding will hold a 60' train
  • Turnouts are #8 on mainline, #7 on mountain branch and #6 in yards and industrial areas
  • Most turnouts are sprung and some key turnouts are remote controlled by engineer as they approach
  • Signals are located on all mainline blocks and are manually controlled by engineers as they enter and leave blocks
  • There are 15 trestles and 15 small bridges including a working drawbridge
  • There is one tunnel with an interior clearance of 41" width by 60" height located on the mountain branch
Each of the following button link is a map of the progress at the end of each year.


Track complete

Track complete

Track complete

Henley's switch

On to Laager Wye

Tracy City Cut

Sequatchie and TC

Tracy City Branch

Jackson Loop

Promontory Branch

Kimball Trestle

Fredonia Branch

Leathergap Branch

Stillhouse Branch

Eagle Point Loop