Safety Points for Groups Visiting CSME/EPRR
This is a working railroad and the SAFETY of all visitors is very important to us. Everyone, especially parents with young children, should review basic Safety Concerns around trains, which may be moving all around you during your visit.

LOOK before crossing any track.
Trains can be very quiet and hard to notice with crowds around.
When a train passes, LOOK for a second train, or one coming from the other direction before crossing.
Do NOT cross between moving trains.
Never walk on the tracks. They are dangerous and easy to trip on.
Stay seated, facing forward, when train is moving. Never turn around or lean to the sides. Never reach out with your arms or feet.
Safety First
Please do not slap hands while passing another train.   All dogs need to be kept on a leash, trains cannot stop quick.
Safety Drawings by Pierpaolo Pugnale, used with permission

Please Note: ALL UNATTENDED CHILDREN will be given chocolate and a free puppy ...