Scouts Merit Badge Visits

To the Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc.
At the Eagle Point Railroad in Dunlap, TN

Boy Scouts - Working for the Railroading Merit Badge

The Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers, Inc. and the Eagle Point Railroad will assist Scouts who are working to earn the Railroad Merit badge and have completed much of the required worksheet prior to your visit. We are not a merit badge center, so you need to do research on your worksheet and fill in answers as much as you can before coming and then we can help explain railroading questions you may need help with.

During your visit, we usually have members on hand who are past or present railroad employees or railroad historians to interview.

We have examples of most locomotive and railroad car types that Scouts need to identify.

We will cover railroad safety, Operation Lifesaver, the importance railroads played in US history, the purpose and importance of railroads today.

We will cover train signals and traniman flagging.

We have a "timesaver" switching workshop (requirement #8) where as the conductor, you control train movements to actually switch cars.

Visit will include a 3-mile train ride along with a tour of our train storage facilities, which include a working roundhouse. You will also see the shop where we build track and switches for the railroad. There is often an ongoing project in progress.

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