Track Layout History
The master drawing of the Eagle Point Railroad is maintained on a dry erase board so that it can easily be updated with construction progress. In the short history thus far, there have been several adaptations to the Master Concept Plan, which changes as the railroad grows. Progress depends on the availability of people wanting to work on specific projects. There may be several projects underway at any given time.
2000 - Birth of the railroad 40% of first loop completed
2001 - First loop and off into the woods Eagle Point loop completed
2002 - Stillhouse Branch added First large trestle and Saddleback Junction completed
2003 - Leathergap Branch added Railroad reaches Cumberland
2004 - Fredonia Branch added Seven Track Eagle Point yard added
2005 - Kimball Trestle added 250' trestle with wye added in four months
2006 - Originally planned railroad completed Industrial switching areas added
2007 - Jackson Loop Complete Start of Tracy City branch
2008 - Sewanee to Tracy City Mountain route reaches Tracy City Siding
2009 - Cumberland, Sequatchie and Tracy City Branch Sequatchie completed as Tracy City progresses
2010 - Cumberland, Eagle Point and Tracy City Cut Tracy City Cut progresses; new industries
2011 - Tracy City cut to Laager Wye Cut To Laager Wye; new industries and member storage
2012 - Laager Wye to Henley's Switch Reached Henley's Switch; completed P. J. Wendt Memorial Bridge
2013 - All EPRR Mainlines Complete All EPRR Mainlines Complete